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Charlene Jones

Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Whether you are a novice or advanced practitioner you'll find these meditations cross into your daily life, providing techniques for stability and calm right in the storms of life. Join me for these short, pithy meditation exercises that intersect to the heart of daily life—Meditate for Life! Then kindly leave a review so others may follow the trail...thank you!
Havening Touch for Increased Calm StabilityJanuary 17, 2022 Episode artwork Healing Through Bliss: Vagal Nerve System and Chanting AH! January 10, 2022 Episode artwork Vagus Nerve, Meditation, and Your Best Self!January 10, 2022 Episode artwork Everything I Ever Meant to Say: Interview by Claire Villarreal in which I speak about my life. December 21, 2021 Episode artwork Vagus Nerve Exercise for Empowering Meditation December 13, 2021 Episode artwork Inner Critic BE GONE! Meditation antidote to judgements! December 06, 2021 Episode artwork Eps 13 Vagus Nerve Meditation Conquers Troubling ThoughtsNovember 29, 2021 Episode artwork Gabor Mate with Mitchell Smolkin: Trauma and Addiction November 15, 2021 Episode artwork A Woman's Soul Restored—LaTonia Hendry interviews me on Havening as a technique for healing trauma. . November 01, 2021 Episode artwork Near Death means More Vital Life: Listen as Letting Grow's Claire Villareal interviews me! October 25, 2021 Episode artwork Insomniacs! Meditate for Life is for YOU-Try the Wind Me Down. October 11, 2021 Episode artwork Love and intimacy: couples therapist Mitch Smolkin unfolds different patterns of intimacy and how our early childhood conditions us to each. October 04, 2021 Episode artwork Prayer for Earth: Ever feel like you want to send some love to our planet? Explore here how to use ancient Tibetan heart meditations to send love to our home. September 20, 2021 Episode artwork Release Negative Emotions: Chant Hum, Focus on your Heart and Deep BlueSeptember 13, 2021 Episode artwork Eps 18: Chanting Om the Power of Sound August 23, 2021 Episode artwork Mitch Smolkin with Pripo Teplitsky on Raising Children WellAugust 16, 2021 Episode artwork Create Your Own Imagination Vacation for Five Minutes Peace August 02, 2021 Episode artwork Neutralize Negativity! Troublesome person in your life? Difficult moments that are hard to forget? Try this meditation. July 19, 2021 Episode artwork Dissolve What You Create: Let Negativity Fade!June 28, 2021 Episode artwork Meditate for Life eps 11 Back to Basics June 21, 2021 Episode artwork Meditate for Life eps 10 Bubbles for Troubles June 14, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 9: Bubbles Outside, Bubbles Floating June 07, 2021 Episode artwork Mitchell Smolkin interviews me for his profoundly helpful podcast The Dignity of Suffering. June 01, 2021 Episode artwork Learn how to create a bubble of light and joy all around you! Learn to use this bubble to help you heal the area of life most difficult for you. May 31, 2021 Episode artwork The Weaving: Plants, Planets and People. An Exploration Through Time by Abrah ArnesonMay 25, 2021 Episode artwork